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Webinar: Why Your Data Platform Needs to Be Cross-Cloud

As more organizations explore moving their data management technologies and platforms to the cloud, it’s critical to understand the importance of implementing a cross-cloud architecture and strategy. Join Joe Goldberg, Director of Product Marketing, as he reveals the advantages of Snowflake’s global availability on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. This live webinar and Q&A session will cover:

  • A Cross-Cloud Approach: Why being able to run your data platform on a combination of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform in multiple regions is critical for guaranteeing business continuity, meeting compliance requirements, avoiding cloud platform lock-in, sharing data, and ensuring flexibility
  • Data Replication: How to easily implement data replication and failover to enable a resilient cross-cloud architecture
  • Why Snowflake: How Snowflake, from a single user interface, seamlessly enables organizations to be cross-cloud with all their data workloads, including data warehousing, data lake, data sharing, and other workloads