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Webinar: The Ultimate Guide to Embedded Analytics

Check out this webinar to hear Travelport Digital, a leading mobile technology provider, discuss the decision to embark on an embedded analytics project and the ROI they’ve seen from providing customers with robust self-service analytics.

Sonalake, a premier product development firm, will be on deck to cover various embed use cases, Snowflake, the Only Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud, will review the advantages of a scalable cloud architecture when considering an embedded project, and Looker, an innovative data platform, will join the conversation on best practices.

This free webcast is for companies that are:

  • Interested in self-service analytics for customers, partners, suppliers, and others 
  • Seeking new ways to generate revenue 
  • Looking for a competitive advantage in an aggressive market 

During this webinar you will learn: 

  • Why Travelport decided to offer embedded analytics to their customers
  • Different types of embedded analytics use cases 
  • ROI of an embedded analytics project 
  • And much more!