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Webinar: Reduce Analytic Processing Times by 99% with Snowflake’s Cloud Data Platform

The cloud data platform has become the centerpiece for modern data architecture, delivering exponential increases in performance, concurrency, and scale over traditional platforms. Snowflake’s unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture makes it the only cloud data platform that can deliver these results while enabling secure collaboration and minimizing overhead.

Join this live webinar featuring Snowflake, World Fuels Services, and Tui Hotels and Resorts to discuss strategies for data transformation within a modern cloud data platform.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How World Fuel Services, a $40 billion energy and commodities company, reduced data processing times by 99% after migrating to Snowflake
  • How Tui Hotels and Resorts, the largest leisure, travel, and tourism company in the world, consolidated its data from six different brands into one data lake using Snowflake, for a single version of truth
  • The range of possible use cases and workloads that can run on a cloud data platform