Webinar: Architecting Modern Data Applications

January 23, 2020

Are you an independent software vendor (ISV) or are you building a SaaS startup? Whether your data applications live in the cloud or on-premises, the underlying infrastructure and architecture is what will determine its scale, efficiency, and flexibility—and whether your app will gain traction or not.

Snowflake provides builders and developers of data-driven applications a ready-made data platform to build solutions that meet the demands of today’s organizations and their customers. 

Join Megan Schoendorf, Senior Software Engineer at Snowflake, for a live webinar and Q&A session, where she will reveal:

  • Common architectural patterns for data applications
  • How SaaS providers use Snowflake to deliver value-differentiated applications to their customers
  • How Snowflake delivers a near-zero management development platform so you can develop massively scalable apps without operational overhead
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