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Webinar: 5 Strategies to Kickstart Your Data Analytics Resolutions

The breakthroughs in data analytics are happening in months, not years, and organizations are quickly realizing data is their number one business asset. Join Matt Glickman, Snowflake’s VP of Customer and Product Strategy, as he reveals the strategies and technologies organizations from around the world have deployed to extract insight from data previously inaccessible to them. Matt’s discussion will include: • How organizations are easily consolidating their data lake and data warehouse onto a single cloud data platform. • How secure data sharing has uncorked access to exponentially more data to extract even deeper insights. • What cloud and multi-cloud strategies organizations have deployed to mirror, streamline and even advance their business, while enabling data sovereignty. Attend this live webinar to learn these insights and much more from an industry leader with 20-plus years of experience with enterprise data platforms.