Snowflake at Electronic Arts: The Data Platform for Analytics

August 14, 2019

In an industry where products have a short shelf life and the target market reacts in weeks instead of months, having a robust analytics platform is necessary for leading video game companies. Join Electronic Arts’ Chief Architect of Company Operations, Vlad Valeyev, as he recounts his team’s rigorous vetting process for selecting a data warehouse, and why they ultimately chose Snowflake. This webinar by Electronic Arts (EA) will cover:

• The challenges that led to selecting a new data platform

• The factors behind their technology evaluation process • How they created a central hub to run advanced analytics

• How they use Snowflake to deliver data to end users faster

• How Snowflake improves EA’s data management processes



Vlad Valeyev

Chief Architect, Company Operations, Electronic Arts

Jeanie Liou

Product Marketing Manager, Snowflake

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