Webinar: How to Consolidate and Migrate a Data Warehouse and Data Lake to the Cloud

December 16, 2019

For years, Chesapeake Energy struggled with an on-premises data warehouse and an open-source data lake that hampered its analytics and data science initiatives. The multi-billion dollar energy exploration company suffered from siloed data, high IT maintenance costs, and the inability to scale its data analytics solutions. Chesapeake turned to Snowflake, the cloud data platform, and the IT consulting firm Hashmap.

Join Blake Blackwell, Principal Data Architect at Chesapeake Energy, as he describes how he and his team:

  • Chose Snowflake as its data platform for its data warehouse and data lake, to simplify its ingestion pipelines, and to deliver near-zero maintenance, improved ease of use, and superior scale and performance
  • Executed a phased, prioritized migration path from its on-premises environment to the cloud
  • Enlisted Hashmap to assist with the Snowflake migration and deployment
  • Realized substantial benefits including less time spent focusing on IT problems, substantial cost savings, more innovation, and better analytics and data science
  • Also hear from Hashmap on its three best practices for moving to the cloud.
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