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Paladina Health Drives Outcome-Based Analytics with Snowflake and Tableau

As more healthcare providers and payers transform how they serve patients and members, it’s vital to understand how a flexible cloud data management strategy and visual analytics platform can support proactive and cost-efficient approaches to patient care.  Join Jarred Campbell, Manager of Data and Business Intelligence at Paladina Health, to learn how Paladina Health uses Snowflake and Tableau to further its mission of increasing the value of care while reducing overall healthcare spending for patients and client organizations.

This webinar and Q&A session will cover:

• Implementing a health data strategy: How Paladina Health is using outcome-based analytics to align health provider incentives, drive quality of care, and lower costs by facilitating efficient healthcare system access

• Why Snowflake + Tableau: How Snowflake’s integration with Tableau enabled Paladina Health with a holistic data platform that provides faster analytics and immediate availability to historical claims and live clinical data

• Faster time to market: How Paladina Health achieved significant improvements in scalability and performance, while lightening the burden of system maintenance and administration