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From Many Pools to One Modern Data Lake Featuring Devon Energy

For years, Devon Energy struggled with an underused data lake, a cumbersome data warehouse, unstable enterprise data sets, and an unmonitored open database. Find out how the Fortune 500 oil exploration company consolidated these inefficient systems into a single cloud data platform powered by Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud.

Join Larry Querbach, Enterprise Data Architect at Devon Energy, as he describes his team’s data strategy for successfully:

• Consolidating three distinct data storage and ingestion technologies into Snowflake on Azure

• Building a single source of truth with role-based security and data governance

• Streamlining data operations and adding AI/ML capabilities while maintaining support for legacy tools

• Scaling massively, processing 2,000 simultaneous random queries against a 40-billion record table in under 10 seconds

• Increasing performance and reducing cost, regulatory reports that used to take 48 hours in SQL Server now take minutes in Snowflake



Larry Querbach

Enterprise Data Architect, Devon Energy


Mike Klaczynski

Director of Product Marketing, Snowflake