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Data Warehouse or Data Lake? How You Can Have Both in a Single Platform

Data is one of the most critical assets that an organization owns. Almost every organization builds a data architecture to store, prepare, manage, and analyze its data. Conventional thinking tends to separate options for this data architecture as either a data warehouse or a data lake.

Many organizations like the structure provided by a data warehouse, yet they also want the flexibility a data lake provides. As a result, organizations often are forced to choose only one architecture method as their central data repository. Snowflake is challenging conventional thinking. Why can’t organizations have both a data lake and a data warehouse using one technology?

In this webinar, you will learn how to use Snowflake’s unique, cloud-built data platform that:

• Provides the flexibility of data lakes, including schema-on-read

• Allows organizations to build structured data models even from semi-structured data

• Enables you to seamlessly analyze structured or semi-structured data, statically and as it continuously evolves

• Eliminates management complexity with a software-driven service requiring minimal maintenance This powerful, yet simple data platform can significantly improve your time-to-insight from data.