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Snowflake on Snowflake: Building Sales Analytics in the Cloud

Businesses are increasingly leveraging the power of Snowflake as their source of truth for company information and to inform their B2C and B2B strategy. Like many companies, Snowflake’s team ran into familiar challenges with disconnected systems, lack of automated processes, data inconsistencies, and more. Snowflake tackled these issues and challenges using the Data Cloud.

Hear from members of the Snowflake Sales Analytics team as they detail how Snowflake’s sales has evolved their analytics practices, from enabling descriptive analytics all the way to driving insights and prescribing actions—covering cross-platform messaging ranging from dashboarding to leveraging machine learning for better targeting and segmentation, to sending personalized alerts to each salesperson via email.

You will hear from Snowflake’s Sales Analytics leaders CJ Liu and David Gojo and learn about:

  • Snowflake’s sales data ecosystem
  • The architecture of our Sales Data Cloud
  • Several Sales Data Cloud use cases including; business analytics (customer 360, forecasting, notification system) and data science (data enrichment, predictive modeling)

Don’t miss this behind-the-scenes webinar, which will reveal the infrastructure, tools, and analytics that power Snowflake’s growth engine.