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Snowflake on Snowflake: Building Data-Driven Cloud Finance Management

The technology available to finance departments has evolved—empowering them to be proactive and partner with the business on critical decisions. In the past, forecasting and analyses were spreadsheet-driven, highly manual processes that consumed resources and time. That was before the Snowflake Data Cloud unlocked the future of financial operations. Now, finance professionals can utilize dynamic models with real-time feeds of operational data to execute strategic planning, precisely forecast, and take action on the insights of today.

As cloud adoption accelerates, finance departments need a proactive, agile, and analytical approach to understanding their cloud costs. The practice of waiting for the month-end invoice is obsolete. Instead, finance departments require the ability to pivot and change directions as they receive new data and fresh information. The Snowflake FP&A team has taken this journey. We leverage the Snowflake Data Cloud to accurately attribute and understand our cloud costs, identify and react to trends, and predict future spend.

In this webinar, you will hear from Snowflake Cloud Finance Leaders Andrew Seitz and Warren Westbrook and learn about:

How Snowflake assembles a single source of truth for cloud costs, and enriches this data to create an accurate, up-to-date pulse on customer-level costs. Ways to automate recurring cost management processes and actions Tips on how to align and map cloud spend from revenue-generating products (COGS) to individual business unit expense (OpEx) Cross-functional teams who have leveraged our cloud spend data to add tangible business value