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Replicate SAP Data to Snowflake with Qlik

Join us for a free, instructor-led, hands-on lab to learn how to use Qlik Replicate to bring SAP data into Snowflake. In this workshop, you will get started with Snowflake’s platform, use Snowflake’s Partner Connect functionality to set up and use trusted partner software, Qlik Replicate, to bring SAP data into Snowflake. Then you will learn how to keep data synchronised (so that changes to the SAP data set are replicated in Snowflake).

Instructors will help you follow along using your Snowflake and Qlik accounts.


  • Navigate the Snowflake UI

  • Create a database and compute resources

  • Use unique features including Snowflake Zero-Copy Cloning and Time Travel

  • Configure virtual warehouse compute clusters 

  • Connect to Partner Connect to easily access Qlik Replicate

  • Use Qlik Replicate to create a source and target endpoint

  • Configure Replicate to use Snowflake internal or external staging

  • Configure a Replicate task

  • Configure a transformation and test the expression

  • Run your task

After completing the lab, you’ll learn how Qlik Compose and Qlik Sense (not in lab) can complete the Qlik and Snowflake solution modeling and reporting solution on all of your SAP data in Snowflake.