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Powered By Series Delivering Data Driven Threat Detection and Response with Securonix and Snowflake

Increasingly, security organizations have found that their data volumes are poorly handled by traditional SIEM solutions, which also fail to deliver reliable threat detection in cloud and hybrid environments. Meanwhile, data analytics teams have had tremendous success migrating from on-premises data warehouses to cloud data platforms. In this session you’ll learn how Securonix and Snowflake put together the power of advanced security data enrichment and analytics with the Snowflake Data Cloud to finally remove the limitations on threat detection and security operations.


-Configure Securonix to ingest and enrich event data from numerous sources

-Leverage built-in orchestration and automation to simplify and accelerate incident response

-Hunt for threats with enriched security data stored in Snowflake

-Extend security capabilities with BI dashboards accessing security data in Snowflake