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Learn How Alation Powers Data Intelligence on Snowflake

Does your organization have data intelligence? Can people easily find, understand, and trust data? If not, you’ll want to join this lab to learn how Alation ensures people have reliable and trustworthy data to make confident, data-driven decisions.

In this expert-led, hands-on lab you will follow a step-by-step guide to learn how Alation Data Catalog improves productivity with self-service analytics and uses automation and continuous improvement to manage data governance. See why Alation is Snowflake’s 2 time Data Governance Partner of the Year.

During the lab, you’ll kickstart your 14-day free trial of Alation — to which you can connect to your own Snowflake environment and continue to explore the data catalog.

IN THIS HANDS-ON LAB LEARN HOW TO: Create and manage Snowflake access policies directly from Alation Link a policy to related data assets Protect sensitive data using Snowflake’s role-based masking policies Write trusted SQL queries with guided navigation Visualize column-level lineage for impact analysis.