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Best Practices to Build Continuous Data Pipelines with Snowflake

Capturing change data and building continuous data pipelines can be cumbersome and requires many manual tasks. Snowflake can help you automate the pipelines to handle continuous data load and transformation elegantly, leveraging Snowflake’s elastic performance and intelligent infrastructure. This enables data engineers to improve their productivity by automating this process.

In this hands-on lab session, you will follow our instructor with a step-by-step guide using Snowflake’s streams & tasks features to automate real-time ingestion, progressing your data from Staging into Curated and Refined production tables.

You will learn about:

  • Best practices building pipelines with Snowflake
  • Key Snowflake concepts such streams and tasks
  • Change data capture with Snowflake
  • Schedule and run tasks easily in Snowflake
  • Running reliable and high-performance transformation using Snowflake