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Accelerate Machine Learning with Snowflake and Dataiku

Learn how Dataiku and Snowflake create a seamless, accelerated path from data to AI deployment. In this hands-on, interactive experience, you’ll use Snowflake’s innovative cloud architecture to execute data transformations and score models built in Dataiku, going from data to business value in minutes using Dataiku’s Visual ML platform. You’ll build a default risk model using Snowflake and Dataiku trial accounts and our instructors will guide you and answer questions live. You will:

  • Build and train a predictive machine learning model to identify loan default
  • Enrich the data set via Snowflake Marketplace and engineer features to enrich the model
  • Learn how Visual ML and notebook environments can be used in every stage of the machine learning lifecycle
  • Use Dataiku’s AutoML engine to rapidly prototype and build machine learning models
  • See best practices for operationalizing models with MLOps
  • Use Snowpark for Python framework within Dataiku