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Webinar - The 3 Data Challenges Marketers Must Overcome

Facing fragmented data and limited support, marketers often panic when they hear the mandate to “be data-driven.” But the benefits are clear: CEOs and CMOs that prioritize using data throughout their organizations routinely outperform those that don’t. So how are marketers overcoming data fragmentation and becoming data driven in a world of exponential data growth?

Join Snowflake for a focused look at the most common data hurdles facing marketers, and discover how to become a data-driven marketing organization. You’ll learn:

  • How to consolidate fragmented data

  • Strategies to avoid common pitfalls

  • The three-step playbook to integrating your data, creating 360-degree views of your customers, and activating data

  • Tactics for activating your data to drive personalization and business impact