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Webinar - How New Privacy-Compliant Advertising Regulations Can Lead to Big Business Opportunities

With new privacy regulations, greater identity restrictions, and upcoming cookie expirations, advertisers and marketers are rethinking personalization and attribution. While these changes will be felt across the advertising ecosystem, new privacy compliant opportunities will emerge. Data, and how it is integrated and leveraged across the business, will continue to be a differentiating factor for success.

In this webinar, Bill Stratton; Head of Media, Entertainment & Advertising Strategy at Snowflake; and Laura McElhinney; Chief Data Officer at Horizon Media, discuss best practices for driving privacy enabled advertising. They cover how to:

  • Enable privacy compliance and personalization via customer 360

  • Strike the right balance across first-, second-, and third-party data

  • Drive deeper segmentation through privacy compliant data sharing and clean rooms