Webinar - Best Practices for Content Monetization

February 19, 2021

The media, entertainment and advertising industry is facing unprecedented pressures to transform. At the same time, companies are dealing with shifting consumer behaviors, increased pressure to demonstrate RoAS, and privacy regulations that make personalization and attribution challenging. Leaders in the industry will take a data-first approach, leaning on new innovation in the cloud to provide greater access to data while maintaining strict governance.

Leaders from Capgemini and Snowflake will share how leading publishers and advertisers are launching and scaling new data strategies to improve and personalize audience experiences, increase advertising revenue, and proactively manage privacy. You’ll find out how to:

  • Launch a data strategy focused on business outcomes
  • Drive growth without relying on cookies or any single common identifier
  • Leverage the cloud to break down data silos and distill insights
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Data Champions - California and Tennessee
Data Champions - California and Tennessee

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