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Technical Masterclass on CICD and DataOps for Snowflake

Significant tensions still exist between governance and agility, as Kent Graziano, Chief Technical Evangelist at Snowflake, comments: “I speak to our biggest customers all over the globe frequently, and many of them are asking me about agility and governance. They ask me questions like ‘how can I do CI/CD and DataOps for Snowflake so I can deliver business value faster?’” is one platform that lets you control your entire DataOps lifecycle in Snowflake, enabling agility and responsiveness without compromising data security and governance.  It provides end-to-end orchestration, environment management, CI/CD, automated testing, and ELT wrapped in an elegant UI. With its faster development, parallel collaboration, increased efficiencies, reduced costs, data assurance, and simplified orchestration and management, you can achieve both business agility and governance, at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Join Kent Graziano; Justin Mullen, Managing Director,; and Guy Adams, CTO,, for this technical master class session on CI/CD for Snowflake and how helps enterprises accelerate onboarding DataOps principles for their Snowflake platform.