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Supply Chain Management: Changing Trends And How To Leverage Your Data To Gain An Advantage

Snowflake & Integress invite you to an interactive conversation on how to leverage data to accelerate analytics and increase profit margins.

Join us for a 60-minute session with key leaders in the logistics / manufacturing industry. Explore how to increase supply chain shipment visibility, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage by leveraging your company’s most underutilized asset – your data.

During this session you’ll hear from customer Trinity Logistics, on their data analytics journey, how to get to the next step, where to find value in your strategic data assets, and how to keep the C-Suite excited and engaged. And..more importantly, how to mine your data assets to find corporate value in the form of increased revenues, improved margins, and happier customers.

  • Intro & Snowflake Overview
  • Supply Chain/Logistics Trends and Challenges with Integress
  • Trinity Logistics’ Data Journey
  • Fireside Chat with Trinity Logistics & Integress