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Snowflake Product Demo: The Media Data Cloud

Join this demo to see how the Media Data Cloud drives business growth through improved data and analytics. Our product experts will cover the demo in three sections: 

Accelerate Advertising Revenue: Learn how Snowflake’s data clean room technology enhances data privacy and data governance by conducting identity, enrichment, targeting, and measurement all within a platform without relying on legacy integration methodologies.

Habu Executive Chat: Hear about the combined power of Snowflake and Habu for clean rooms from Adrian Bolosan, Snowflake Industry Principal, and Alice Stratton, CRO at Habu.

Subscriber Acquisition and Retention: See how the Media Data Cloud can help reduce cost of acquisition and improve retention by storing all relevant subscriber data in one place, contextualizing first-party data with marketplace data providers, and applying machine learning directly in Snowflake.