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Snowflake Masterclass: Technical Deep Dive

Join technical experts from the Snowflake Sales Engineering team and Snowflake's Data Science partner, Dataiku, for an invitation-only live webinar on Snowpark: New Data Programmability for the Data Cloud.

SNOWPARK OVERVIEW:  Snowpark is a new developer experience that allows you to write Snowflake code in your programming language of choice, and execute it directly within Snowflake to benefit from the speed and performance of the Snowflake processing engine. 

JAVA UDF DEMO: During this demo, we'll show you how to solve complex data engineering problems that were previously impossible with SQL alone using Snowpark & Java UDFs. You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout this session.

DATAIKU & SNOWFLAKE INTEGRATION: During this session, Dataiku, one of the world’s leading AI and machine learning platforms, will demonstrate the latest integration with Snowflake to enable support for advanced data functions. Read more about integration here.

CUSTOMER USE CASE: Learn how Snowflake & Dataiku are enabling data engineers, data scientists, and developers to expand their use cases, giving more users the ability to achieve powerful data insights.