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Provisioning Governed Snowflake Environments and Resources at Scale

In our first two sessions we learned about our Data Cloud Deployment Framework and how to apply repeatable data engineering patterns to build out the layers of the architecture.

In the third installment of this webinar series - more of a “prequel” than a “sequel” - we take a closer look at the origin story of the environment showcased in the first 2 episodes.  Specifically - we will discuss best practices to provision and deploy the environments and resources (e.g. roles, warehouses, databases, schemas)  to support workloads of every shape and size.

In this webinar our experts will provide proven tips and techniques for:

  • Scalable provisioning of environments and resources into a governed data cloud
  • Defining repeatable conventions and standards RBAC, RBAC, and more RBAC!
  • Automation via scripting
  • Integration with a CICD pipeline