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Powered By Snowflake Series: How Capital One Software's Data Management Solution Helps Accelerate Snowflake Adoption

A long time customer of Snowflake, Capital One Software uses the Data Cloud to unlock the value of its data across its business. As they rapidly scaled their use of Snowflake across workloads, they built an internal solution to manage costs and automate governance. Now, that solution, Slingshot, is available across the Data Cloud.

In this session, you will:

Hear why the data team at Capital One Software originally developed Slingshot Learn how Slingshot helps Snowflake customers manage costs, accelerate adoption, and automate governance Watch a live demo of how Snowflake customers can use Slingshot

About Capital One Software

Capital One Software, an Enterprise B2B Software business of Capital One, is dedicated to helping businesses accelerate their cloud and data management journeys at scale. Backed by 25 years of data innovation, Capital One Software is focused on providing proven, battle-tested solutions that help businesses overcome key cloud and data management challenges related to data publishing, data consumption, data governance, and infrastructure management. Building on Capital One’s pioneering adoption of modern cloud and data capabilities to create exceptional customer experiences, Capital One Software will help other companies to harness the full power of the cloud, data, and AI to accelerate innovation and unlock new value for customers. Capital One Software is based in McLean, Virginia, at Capital One’s headquarters. To learn more, go to: