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Personalization 101 - How to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

As consumers, we are bombarded with more information than ever before, including emails, pings on our smartphones, social media ads, and more. Hundreds of brands compete nonstop for our attention. It’s only natural that we start tuning them out. 

As marketers, how do we break through the noise? By using consolidated data to personalize our engagements and interact with our consumers in a finely targeted way that takes into account their unique preferences, interests, and needs, we can get their attention. 

In this webinar, learn how leading marketers leverage the Data Cloud to:

  • Break down data silos to deliver powerful customer 360-degree views

  • Produce analytics through data science and machine learning to deliver one-to-one personalization

  • Achieve superior customer experiences, increased conversion and sales, and greater customer advocacy and retention