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Modern Marketing the Indeed Way

How Indeed’s modern marketing transformed upsell, cross-sell, and churn winback across tens of millions of businesses leveraging Flywheel and Snowflake.

Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month, and more than 16 million people globally have publicly shared their stories of how Indeed has helped them land their job. That level of impact is truly remarkable, and Indeed needed a way to empower its marketers to target and personalize upsell, cross-sell, and winback campaigns in a way that could match that global scale.

Indeed achieved its vision to authentically and intelligently reach tens of millions of businesses by connecting Flywheel to its single source of truth in Snowflake for audience activation and orchestration. This modern approach has allowed Indeed’s marketing team to self-serve the creation of dynamic audiences on Snowflake for the first time, launch campaigns across any channel, and automatically measure the effectiveness of every audience, automatically.

This resulted in reduction of time between ideation to activation from four months to less than 24 hours, thus changing the trajectory of marketing innovation. 

Join marketing leaders from Indeed, Flywheel, and Snowflake to hear about how Indeed:

- Unlocked a 40-fold increase in dynamic audience launches by giving marketers the ability to self-serve audience building, no SQL required
- Seamlessly bridges data science and marketing with an intelligent activation layer that leverages Indeed’s single source of truth in Snowflake to any channel
- Measures the performance of audiences on any metric in Snowflake to track closely to business and product goals