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IQVIA Migrating to Snowpark to Achieve Cost Savings and Architecture Simplicity

Many companies started their big data journey a decade ago with Hadoop, Hive and processing systems such as Spark. At the time, these solutions were revolutionary. But they quickly caused unexpected complexities and scaling issues, and working with them isn’t always easy. 

In this webinar, Snowflake customer IQVIA will share its Snowflake journey, and how it moved its transformation workloads to Snowflake with Snowpark. With this migration, the IQVIA developers were able to modernize and consolidate their data engineering pipelines while maintaining their preferred development interface with DataFrame. 

Join us October 19 to learn about:

The challenges IQVIA was facing How Snowpark simplified its architecture with an easy transition from Spark  How IQVIA was able to achieve savings and architecture simplicity The effort involved in the migration process  Learnings and tips from the migration project