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IntelyCare Revved Up Personalization with a Modern Data Stack and Saved $1M in Marketing Spend

To supercharge personalization efforts and enhance nurse engagement, IntelyCare, a nurse staffing platform for healthcare organizations, turned to Snowflake, Fivetran, and Hightouch and never looked back. The modern marketing data stack led to improved query performance, the ability to meet the growing data requirements of multiple teams, and—most critically—impactful and personalized experiences for nurses who use the platform.

Join this webinar to learn how IntelyCare:

Grew over 300% during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic by matching nurses with facilities in their area and helped ensure the safety of patients and staff Reduced engineering time from weeks to hours Delivers personalized experiences to thousands of users to drive engagement and ongoing satisfaction

“Hightouch, Snowflake, and Fivetran are a force multiplier. Everyone is more effective with our new data stack. Word got out that we can send data from our data platform to just about anywhere and our business stakeholders have lined up.” — Ben Tengelsen, VP of Data Science at IntelyCare