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How Secure Data Collaboration Ensures Privacy and Drives Advertising Growth

In October 2021, Snowflake launched the Media Data Cloud to help the industry meet increasing demands for privacy, consumer experiences, and advertising measurement. Since then, we have seen continued innovation from increased collaboration across brands, agencies, and media publishers to better manage privacy while improving experiences for audiences and outcomes for advertisers. 

In this webinar, hear the latest industry trends following the 2022 Upfronts and about the latest innovation within the Media Data Cloud. Learn how:

  • Industry leaders such as Disney and NBCU are leveraging data clean rooms to build privacy-safe advertising products to deliver better customer experiences and advertising outcomes
  • You can leverage the latest partner solutions on the Media Data Cloud to ensure data governance, resolve identity, enrich profiles, activate campaigns, and measure results
  • Infutor Data Solutions, a Verisk Company, embedded its identity resolution and enrichment services within the Media Data Cloud, so advertisers and publishers can improve campaign performance with limited copies and movement of data