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How Roche Diagnostics is Using DataOps to Build and Manage Data Products and Data Mesh

  What if you could achieve unmatched agility and innovation across development teams large and small to deliver in days what previously took months? 

Roche Diagnostics has pursued a forward-looking data stack on Snowflake and a novel data mesh approach with DataOps. is used for orchestration and lifecycle release management, and supports the setup and enforcement of enterprisewide policies—meaning data product teams can be both autonomous and innovative while also adhering to governance and security requirements in data access, residency, encryption, and more.  

Join this webinar on 19 October in partnership with and Roche Diagnostics, if you’d like to explore:

How to build and deploy a single data product and data mesh approach with dramatic results The practical challenges of building a DataOps and data mesh center of excellence in an enterprise company  The working structures, blueprints, cadences, and collaboration needed to drive continual success week by week to each new domain.