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How Glossier Automates Data for a Successful Retail Shopping Season

As retailers enter the second holiday season of the Covid-19 pandemic, they are facing changing consumer demands and a highly disrupted supply chain. To succeed, online retailers must leverage data to seamlessly engage shoppers across channels, personalize each touchpoint, and optimize fulfillment.

In this webinar, learn how Glossier uses Snowflake and Fivetran to effectively centralize and analyze customer and product data to drive their eCommerce strategy throughout this holiday season.

We’ll discuss how to: 

  • Deliver on a data program that results in timely access to insights and fast time to value
  • Leverage data automation during peak seasons to help increase personalization, engage more customers, and optimize marketing effectiveness
  • Inform demand forecasts and inventory decisions with data to reduce out of stocks and fulfillment delays and ensuring seamless customer experiences