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How Autodesk Improved Productivity and Reduced Cost by Migrating to Snowflake

Access Data Faster And Scale Rapidly with Snowflake for Data Lakes

Prior to migrating to Snowflake, Autodesk’s previous data lake architecture was operationally burdensome to support and cost prohibitive to scale. Performance issues inhibited Autodesk’s product teams and business users from accessing timely insights.

Watch this webinar featuring Mark Kidwell, Autodesk’s Chief Data Architect of Data Platforms and Services, to learn how Autodesk is scaling self-service analytics for more users and teams by migrating to Snowflake for Data Lakes.

This session will cover:

  • The challenges with the previous ADP data lake architecture
  • Autodesk’s migration journey with Snowflake
  • How Snowflake significantly reduced administration costs and improved performance, data quality, and productivity