Healthcare Industry Perspective - Data-Driven Approach To Advancing Telehealth Capabilities In A COVID-19 World

November 5, 2020

Healthcare organizations across the globe were forced to respond to COVID-19 by standing up Telehealth very quickly. Some had established Telehealth platforms while many others had to shift gears to stand up capabilities to address a 100X increase in transaction workloads. Regardless, it was an all hands-on deck situation for everyone that afforded very little time for planning, metrics, and management. Looking forward, most organizations are planning for even larger percentages of their total encounters to be conducted via Telehealth.

Yet, many challenges still exist from an end-user adoption and overall quality of service perspective. Patients and providers were forced to use Telehealth, it was the only viable option.  Would they still use it if they had an alternative? How are you measuring adoption, experience and quality of your Telehealth services today and, as requirements become more complex, how will you continue to manage it as a care delivery platform. Short answer; Employ a data-driven approach to measuring and managing Telehealth as an ongoing, enterprise care delivery platform.

During This Webinar, We Will Discuss:

  • Telehealth perspectives

  • Data-driven approach to measuring and managing its effectiveness

  • Ways to accelerate delivery and impact with a Snowflake implementation

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