Fireside Chat with Happy Money

December 2, 2020

Happy Money is a hypergrowth FinTech creating an alternative to the "Sad Money™" system with a connected ecosystem of consumer financial products and mission-aligned capital that helps borrowers become savers. Happy Money has helped over 130,000 members pay off over $2.3 billion in credit card debt. In the past 12 months, Happy Money has nearly doubled revenue and has been working to keep innovating while managing increasing consumer demand.

Happy Money began using Snowflake in 2019 to help transform its core data strategy. Join us for a fireside chat with Bill Homan-Muise, Happy Money’s Sr. Director of Data Confidence, as he discusses how Happy Money has been able to use Snowflake to:

  • Amplify the output of analysts and data scientists
  • Reduce administrative overhead for managing data
  • Leverage data vault to securely mobilize data to drive business results
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