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Building the Winning Strategy: Optimising Pricing with the Right Application Model

Pricing represents one of the most crucial business and profitability decisions you will make within your revenue model and plays an outsized role in your chance for success. In recent years, usage-based pricing has been an increasingly popular model adopted by early-stage companies. 

A successful usage-based pricing model can attract investors, improve customer satisfaction and retention, and create a simpler, shorter purchasing cycle. However, implemented unsuccessfully, usage-based pricing can create unpredictable revenue streams and difficulty forecasting, and challenges quantifying units to be charged. 

To understand how to get usage-based pricing right, join this webinar on 19 October. It will cover:

An overview of pricing trends and industry benchmarks  The top pitfalls to avoid when implementing a usage-based pricing model Examples of applications that have successfully implemented usage-based pricing  Application models (Managed, Connected, Hybrid) that can enable a winning usage-based pricing strategy.