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Best Practices on How to Monetise Your Data

You already know that data is one of your most valuable assets… but how do you actually realise that value? Raw data assets are generally too unpolished and full of potentially sensitive data to sell them to other companies or even share them with trusted partners and customers. Even with cleansed data the question remains: what is the best way to get data from point A to point B, and who handles the logistics of the transaction itself?

The answer comes in two pieces. You’ll need to find the right set of tools to help your organisation bring together disparate data, cleanse it, enrich it, and prepare it for monetisation. After that, a data exchange or data marketplace can help you to post, market, and commercialise your data. 

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to optimise your data cleansing and enrichment processes
  • Best practices in data sharing, including governance and security
  • How the world’s leading organisations are monetising their data