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Best Practices in Privacy-Preserving Collaboration in Financial Services

Adoption of ESG metrics has accelerated across the entire financial services industry. However, for many, there is still a plethora of data challenges originating from ESG data, including data accessibility, availability, veracity, quality, and standardization.

Learn how organizations like yours can benefit from Snowflake’s privacy-preserving collaboration, including the access, onboarding, and integration of ESG data into front- and back-office workflows at speed.

Watch this webinar and Q&A session to learn:

Key trends with ESG in the financial services industry

  • How industry-leading data providers are thinking about data accessibility
  • How cloud and cloud-enabled data collaboration capabilities will streamline how financial services organizations access, integrate, and build with ESG data
  • Best practices when leveraging, assessing, and implementing ESG data into a wealth or asset management workflow