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How Snowflake Maximizes Economic Value for Customers.

With uncertain economic prospects ahead, organizations must search for every possible way to save on their data platform costs. Snowflake maximizes economic value for customers, both through minimizing customers’ TCO and through continuously optimizing price for performance.

This webinar will showcase how Snowflake’s single, self-managed platform helps organizations reduce administrative and implementation headcount, increase productivity, and improve resiliency, maintenance and risk management to deliver faster time to insight. At the same time, native financial management features help customers to more easily and more successfully understand and optimize their Snowflake spend while built-in performance features ensure each workload on Snowflake is as fast, stable, and efficient as possible.

In this webinar, get an overview of:

How Snowflake’s single, self-managed platform minimizes TCO The ways Snowflake provides customers with visibility, control, and optimizations to manage their spend The platform efficiencies Snowflake is innovating on to continuously improve customers’ cost profile Resources available including self-learning content, instructor-led trainings, and Snowflake’s Professional Services engagements to further help customers optimize their cost management on Snowflake.