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Seamlessly Enrich Threat Intelligence Data with IPinfo on Snowflake Marketplace

Many cybersecurity teams struggle to put the systems and tools in place to effectively leverage threat intelligence for enrichment. The antiquated methods of setting up API integrations or copying data to various databases are more cumbersome than helpful. Furthermore, aggregating various threat intelligence feeds and data in one single place is a tedious task. IPinfo and Snowflake make this experience easy and seamless by providing accurate and up-to-date IP address data on Snowflake Marketplace.

Join this session to see a demo on how to:

Find relevant threat intelligence solutions on Snowflake Marketplace Interact with data from IPinfo without API integrations or ETL methods Leverage data from IPinfo to hunt for malicious logins in your systems (query in Snowflake) Discover, evaluate, and purchase data on Snowflake Marketplace