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Snowflake Office Hours: Fireside Chat with 2021 Startup Challenge Winner OverlayAnalytics

With a mission to help companies make sense of any data set, from any platform, no matter the complexity, OverlayAnalytics burst onto the scene at the Snowflake Summit by winning this year’s Snowflake Startup Challenge. Join us for a live webinar and Q&A session with co-founder and CEO Bryan Shupe.

OverlayAnaltyics delivers powerful reporting, from executive-level dashboards to detailed analysis, and the ability to easily share data with customers. Built on Snowflake, its application benefits from near-zero maintenance, separation of storage and compute, and instant scalability.

What to expect:

  • An overview of OverlayAnalytics’ experience building data applications to streamline processes using Snowflake
  • A first-hand account from OverlayAnaltyics on how it won the Snowflake Startup Challenge, including advice for aspiring startups
  • A Q&A session where OverlayAnalytics will answer your questions about how to get the best out of Snowflake