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Webinar - How Autodesk Achieves Faster, Reliable Data Pipelines with Snowflake and Fivetran

Autodesk has made investments in the construction space with strategic acquisitions and partnerships. But with each acquisition in Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS) came new data challenges. With 3x more data from various systems and with constantly changing source APIs and schemas, Autodesk struggled with data pipelines breaking unpredictably.

Join us to learn how the Autodesk’s CS analytics team overcame these issues by building a central repository for all its data, to run faster and more resilient data pipelines, by using Snowflake and Fivetran.

You’ll hear from Autodesk Data Engineering Lead, Evin Anderson, and Data Analyst, Raul Maldonado, as they discuss:

  • How Autodesk achieves being tool-agnostic to build future-proof architectures
  • The factors behind choosing Snowflake and Fivetran to be the backbone of its analytics platform
  • Building robust data pipelines to support many use cases across the company, including sales forecasting, data governance, product analytics and reporting.
  • The benefits of infinite scaling of compute and storage
  • Running analytics 3x faster, shortening query times from 1.5 hours to 25 minutes