Snowflake Office Hours - Fireside Chat with Product Madness

July 13, 2021

Product Madness develops and publishes social casino games, such as their flagship title Heart of Vegas, which has been a top grossing game among Facebook’s charts and continues to capture mobile markets around the globe – including reigning as the #1 top-grossing social casino iOS app in Australia. 

Join this fireside chat with Product Madness’ data engineering team lead, Karthika Rajan Karukasseril, to learn how they use Snowflake to:

  • Resolve concurrency issues they faced with their previous cloud solution, and increase their data capacity. 
  • Move towards a multi-cloud future that takes advantage of best in class tools and also seamlessly shares data.
  • Empower data scientists and product team members.
  • Accelerate their timeline to get streaming and real time data analytics.
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New Features to Improve Snowflake Performance
New Features to Improve Snowflake Performance

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