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How Snowflake Helps Drive Personalized Campaigns by Unlocking the Power of Customer Data

71% of consumers expect personalized campaigns and 76% consumers get frustrated when they don’t find them.1 Furthermore, it’s estimated that more than 90% of browsing behavior may soon be anonymous to current attribution models due to the deprecation of third-party cookies. This represents a paradigm shift for everyone within the digital marketing ecosystem, especially for brands, as they lean heavily on first-party data for their campaigns. 

Regardless of the challenging circumstances, brands’ growth, and to some extent survival, is dependent upon their ability to deliver the most personalized, effective, and timely campaigns. As such, marketers continue to turn to technologies and platforms that power modern marketing and unlock customer data to drive the most impactful campaigns to prospects and customers. This is where Customer Data Platforms (CDP) can help.

With Snowflake, organizations can work with leading CDP or activation platforms that leverage the single source of truth in the Data Cloud and enable marketers to eliminate data silos to deliver the most powerful and personalized campaigns to their audiences. Watch this two-part demo series, where we will provide:

A deep dive into Snowflake’s point of view on Customer Data Platforms An overview of two different implementation examples that marketers can use to derive value from their campaigns Two hands-on demos featuring two leading Snowflake partners, each covering one of the implementation examples