What’s New at Summit: Wednesday

June 5, 2019 Marta Bright

Today was another action-packed day at Summit. Are you ready for Thursday?

Plan ahead by viewing the full list of Summit breakout sessions, hands-on labs, and theater sessions via the Summit website or the event’s mobile app. There are over 120 sessions to choose from; review Wednesday’s sessions ahead of time, so you’re not making decisions at the last second.

Recap of Benoit Dageville’s keynote

Benoit Dageville, Co-founder and CTO, shared insights into the inner workings and history behind Snowflake during his morning keynote presentation, “Performance from the Ground Up: The Snowflake Origin Story.”

Delving into specifics that comprise the “secret sauce” behind Snowflake, Benoit discussed a wide array of topics including Snowflake’s cloud architecture, the benefits of micro-partitioning, and multi-tenant service.

By taking the best of SQL and Big Data and combining it with an entirely cloud-based environment that decouples compute from storage, Benoit demonstrated how and why Snowflake tips the traditional data warehouse story on its head.

What customers say about Snowflake

Here are a few quotes we heard this week from your peers:

“Snowflake has been instrumental in getting our organization data-savvy. Snowflake allowed us to deliver data to our business users not in a matter of days or weeks, but in a matter of minutes.”

“We went from an on-premises data system to Snowflake. In just a few months, it helped us expand and grow the business. It has helped us find insights that we never would have found with our prior system.”

“Snowflake is a fundamental part of our business. We’re able to collaborate and have interdependent access to data now in ways that we couldn’t do before.”

“Snowflake has been really useful in terms of how stable it is, how cost effective it is, and how it helped us keep the team small and really run our data warehouse in an efficient manner.”

Theater sessions

When you are walking the Basecamp floor or are between breakout sessions, join a quick interactive session in the Theater. These condensed sessions are a great way to pick up troubleshooting tips and tricks, see demos of brand-new feature, and hear from partners.

Presentations are designed for Snowflake users of all skill levels. You’ll pick up new skills you can use immediately. The Theater is open during breakout sessions and expo hours, but space is limited and seating is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Headphones are provided to the audience.

View the full list of theater sessions.

Preview of the Closing Keynote: “The Journey to Becoming Data-Driven”

Be sure to join us tomorrow at 1 p.m. for the closing keynote, “The Journey to Becoming Data-Driven,” by Matthew Glickman, Snowflake VP of Customer and Product Strategy.

We’ve witnessed the data-driven journey of thousands of companies and captured common adoption patterns. The journey you take depends on your industry, the size of your company, your company’s data maturity, and more.

Matthew will share a story of his own data-driven journey and then invite select customers on stage to share their journeys. You’ll learn how these customers achieved business value and found success by transforming their entire organizations to become data-driven. You’ll also hear about their obstacles and challenges and how they overcame them.

In addition, Matthew will share how the Snowflake ecosystem (for example, training, resources, partners, professional services, documentation, and so on.) can help your journey to becoming data-driven.

Arrive early to grab a good seat!

Snowball: It’s tonight!

Let’s celebrate!

Let loose with your fellow Summiteers. It’s your chance to enjoy signature spirits, great food, live entertainment, and amazing company.

Join us tonight from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. at August Hall, 420 Mason Street in San Francisco. Snowflake will announce the Data Driver Awards and entertainment will be provided by The Chris Clouse Project.

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