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The 2022 Snowflake Customer Experience Report

Snowflake continuing to put customers first

As I attend Snowflake Summit this week, what I’m most excited about is meeting customers in person. Nothing beats hearing from customers firsthand about how they are using data and Snowflake to accomplish their missions. 

Our customers are priority number one in every decision we make. Since our inception we have been on a mission to be one of the most customer-centric companies in the tech industry. Earlier this year, we found out that 100% of Snowflake customer participants in Dresner’s market survey said they would recommend Snowflake to other organizations, for the fifth consecutive year. We also made it to Forbes’ 100 most customer-centric companies of 2022—and to the top 10 most customer-centric B2B companies.  

Now, we’re proud to announce the results of our annual Customer Experience Survey in partnership with Walker, conducted from May to June 2022. The comprehensive survey assesses our customers’ experience with Snowflake across many touchpoints and interactions. We surveyed more than 6,000 customers in more than 50 countries.

This year, we received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72, a score more than three times the industry average of 19, based on the Qualtrics 2021 NPS Industry Benchmarking Report. 

The NPS is a third-party measurement of the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. An NPS can range from a low of -100 to a high of +100 and is viewed as a proxy for measuring customers’ brand loyalty and satisfaction with a company’s product or service. It’s calculated by asking customers, on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely they are to recommend Snowflake to a friend or colleague. According to Bain & Company, the creators of NPS, a score above 0 is good, above 20 is favorable, above 50 is excellent, and above 80 is world-class. 

This year’s survey also asked customers to give feedback on how well Snowflake delivers on its key values and brand promises. Here’s how they responded:

  • 96% say Snowflake has high uptime/availability
  • 90% say Snowflake is easy to do business with
  • 87% say Snowflake follows through on commitments
  • 80% believe Snowflake prioritizes customer needs

Each customer was asked to evaluate their experience with Snowflake during their customer journey—from product evaluation, implementation, and data visualization/BI tools setup to app integration and issue resolution. Results show that a large majority of customers were pleased with their entire end-to-end experience. If a customer fails to (i) respond to each required question in the survey or (ii) submit a complete set of responses by the end of the survey period, we consider that customer’s survey incomplete. Starting with our NPS as of June 2022, we exclude incomplete survey responses from the calculation. Here’s what just a few of our customers had to say:

“Incredible user experience, fast, perfect for our needs. Support has always been amazing. Could not conceive of a better-organized company and product.”

“Built by people who get what data professionals need.”

“Snowflake meets any scaling challenge. Amazing customer support, rich engineering culture, and love how they bring mind-blowing innovative products year after year.”

“Again and again, we encounter use cases where Snowflake has unique features and capabilities that make our work easier. And all of that is built on a strong foundation of simple, easy-to-learn database functionality.”

“There are a few times in the industry when a technology comes along that really changes the game. Snowflake offers so many advantages. It supports a true OPEX model, multi-cloud capabilities, architecture that eliminates data sprawl, and the ability to get to actual usage supporting multiple workloads. Additionally, the sales/engineering team is very thoughtful and willing to have tough conversations—it is not just a sale, it is a true partnership model.”

“It has revolutionized the way we work with data.”

This fifth annual study is an attestation to our No. 1 priority and company value: putting customers first. Snowflake will always be focused on continuously improving customer experiences at every touchpoint. We’re very grateful to our customers who took the time to complete this survey. We’re heartened by their positive experiences and commendations. And, as we meet our customers this week, we’re energized to deliver even more functionality, ease of use, and innovation in the year ahead.

To download a summary of the 2022 Snowflake Customer Experience Report, click here.

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