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Bring Identity Resolution to Your Data with Native Applications

As public cloud adoption continues its extraordinary growth, data-savvy businesses face a daunting challenge: how to safely connect their diverse collection of customer data to generate more performance insights and more-accurate customer modeling. 

Creating this unified view is crucial for brands to deliver personalized marketing and services. However, developing that 360-degree view requires resolving identity across disparate data fragments—a potentially cumbersome and time-consuming process that too often requires moving or sharing access to sensitive customer data. What businesses need is a way to securely and easily connect their data wherever it lives, embedded in the most appropriate workflows in the client’s technology stack.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Snowflake to deliver two new solutions built with their new Native Application Framework: LiveRamp Device Resolution and LiveRamp Transcoding.

Why Native Applications? 

Snowflake’s Native Application Framework (currently in private preview) makes it easy to build applications using core Snowflake functionalities, distribute and monetize them on Snowflake Marketplace, and deploy them within a Snowflake customer’s account. At LiveRamp, we thought the benefits of bringing our Identity Infrastructure capabilities to the Native Application Framework were clear: native apps minimize data movement, so customers stay in control of their data. And because our proprietary data would be protected, we could engage with our customers and unlock identity resolution without having to manage complex workflows.

As builders, we found ease of use to be a compelling reason to leverage native apps. The Native Application Framework makes deployment simple; everything needed to resolve or translate identifiers is loaded into the customer’s environment, appropriate permissions are granted, and you’re on the way. Plus our customers get the flexibility to customize their identity workflows based on their requirements—instead of relying on us for turnaround times, they can turn up and turn down their warehouse needs as demands change.

Key Scenarios: Data Consolidation and Collaboration

LiveRamp’s new native applications securely and easily resolve customer identity across data sources:

  • LiveRamp Device Resolution creates an accurate and durable brand-specific identifier (LiveRamp’s RampID) to replace the changeable device identifiers (cookies, MAIDs, and CTV IDs) in many consumer data fragments, allowing these fragments to be consistently consolidated for measurement, personalization, optimization, and audience modeling.
  • LiveRamp Transcoding connects a brand’s data to a partner’s data in a Snowflake share by translating RampIDs on different data sets into a common identity space for measurement and new asset creation.

Put simply, this is a privacy-conscious data connectivity solution that anyone can use to supercharge their analytics within Snowflake:

  • Connect data with a simple user interface that a business analyst can execute, with no data science expertise required.
  • Reduce consumer data privacy concerns by supporting analytic operations on records that do not expose a customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) or contextual device information.
  • Support deterministic person-based data connectivity within an organization or between partners for durable table joins while keeping data in place and under managed control.

These solutions are all Snowflake-hosted, so data never leaves the Data Cloud. Combined with the many available data sets available in Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud, Retail Data Cloud, Financial Services Data Cloud, or Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud, LiveRamp’s applications provide data analysts with an easy-to-use and secure out-of-the-box solution for connecting, combining, or measuring crucial data about a brand’s audiences, a media company’s viewership, or a retailer’s shopper insights for its supply chain partners.

The Snowflake Native Application Advantage

Snowflake’s Native Application Framework makes better cloud solutions possible. By removing the complexities of integrating API workflows or activating generic cloud appliances, all Snowflake partners can now easily create embedded solutions that run entirely within the Snowflake infrastructure and yet are accessible and runnable by any cloud user. This built-in simplicity exposes more clients to the advantages of Snowflake and unlocks more Data Cloud connectivity for all.

Lastly, we would not have been able to complete this exciting project without key support from Snowflake’s stellar partnership team! This kind of close partnership is one of the reasons we joined the Powered by Snowflake program. From helping us resolve technical framework questions for application logging and authentication to validating numerous Data Cloud use cases or helping us put these solutions directly in front of pilot customers, Snowflake’s experienced partnership team—like the rich Native Application Framework itself—has been instrumental in helping us deliver this exciting solution with a focus on simplicity and clarity.

Learn more about LiveRamp’s solutions in the Native Application Framework here.

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