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What Are Iceberg Tables In Snowflake? 6 Minute Demo

In this demo, Snowflake Software Engineer Polita Paulus shows you how a new type of Snowflake table, called an Iceberg Table, extends the features of Snowflake’s platform to open formats, Apache Iceberg and Apache Parquet, in storage managed by customers. You can work with Iceberg Tables as you would with any Snowflake table, including being able to apply native column-level security, without losing the interoperability that an open table format provides.

If you missed the Snowflake Summit opening keynote featuring Snowflake CEO, Frank Slootman; Co-Founder & President of Product, Benoit Dageville; and SVP of Product, Christian Kleinerman, as they unveil the next wave of technological firsts, make sure to catch the on-demand replay at