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The Tech Executive's Primer On Data Science, Machine Learning, And AI

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Develop an understanding of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (DSMLAI) to spot hype or doomed projects and provide the leadership your AI teams need.

Adopting DSMLAI is critical to remain competitive, because it helps you transform any activity that involves data—that is, every part of your business. Data is a crucial component of DSMLAI, and Forrester recommends that executives invest in an agile information architecture that enables them to serve new types of data, in new ways, in a governed and repeatable fashion to pursue AI and ML at scale. 

To better understand the space and the investments you’ll need to build ML and AI solutions, read this new Forrester guide to:

  • Master the commonly confused AI and ML terminology 

  • Understand the key areas of investment to address

  • Improve your chances of success through seven best practices